Mick Heath has passionately fished the Pacific Coast from Oregon to Alaska for over 30 years. While he always enjoyed his fishing adventures, he never fell in love with a region until he fished Rivers Inlet. The combination of the stunning beauty of the Great Spirit Bear Rainforest with its abundant wildlife (whales, bears, eagles, and more), the calm protected waters that he was able to fish and explore on, and the unparalleled fishing made him realize what a special, world-class destination the inlet truly is.

Johanna Heath fell in love with the wonder and magnificence of the inlet well over a decade ago and picked up salmon sport fishing quickly. The fish in the photo above is not even the largest she has caught! She and Mick were married in 2013, which also makes their first season at Finn Bay Lodge increasingly special, as it also marks the ten year anniversary of their vows.

Providing exceptional fishing experiences to guests in the heart of Rivers Inlet is an ongoing dream of both Mick and Johanna’s. Finn Bay Lodge was slated to open for its first season on 7/14/21. However, the COVID crisis made that original date impossible, and the breaks in the supply chain kept pushing that date back farther.

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Finn Bay is a testament to the Heath’s passion for fishing and exploring the awe-inspiring sights of the outdoors. Here, you’ll find updated cabins and boats, delicious food crafted by our chef, and top-notch fishing guides. Finn Bay Lodge is the destination for fishermen (novice or seasoned!) to have an unforgettable experience on the water.

They can’t wait to meet you.